United States, Ogden

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Височина6' - 6'3" [185 см - 195 см]
Тегло225 - 250 фунта [100 - 115 кг]
Какво ме възбужда
Someone that can stimulate my mind and soul.
Remember there are real people at both ends.
За мен
So easy to read, but hard to understand.
Какво ме отблъсква
Lies, rudeness, lack of respect.
Even in fantasy there is no truth just lies and deception.
Коментари (3)
Hey there, Jiminogden. Thanks for being you! You are a stand up, one of a kind, outstanding, SUPER respectful kind of gentleman! You stand out way above the rest. A very rare individual with much manners, kindness, and generosity! I truly enjoy your kind words and great conversations. I love spending time with you. Im so glad I met you, a friendship I will always cherish. Never change, you have what many men lack, ill keep it at that. ;) <3 Love ya! XOXO
you are rad! So far above the rest in all aspects of man that is true, genuine in his way of life, what we are aiming to be more like than not, type of man!! individual that I am thankful and appreciative to the generous way he tell me im enjoyable to see and not expect more than what is presently given for the fun of sharing...u are my reason to feel more than a women. i feel like a goddess of a new wise world that is about to enlighten our narrow minds!!! lol, i dig you!!!!
Jim!! You are truly a rare man! Thank you for showing me that you enjoy the view that is ME!!!! xxoo better late than not at all!!! see ya soon and keep up the classy too, my fave friend!! ;)